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Nouveautés / New:

The X.V. bijective combinatorial course

at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences  (IMSc), Chennai, India

part I,   January-March 2016,   Course (24h) 

An introduction to enumerative, algebraic and bijective combinatorics

        see  the website of the course    here     (17 videos and 2000 slides)

part II,   January-March 2017,   Course (24h)

Commutations and heaps of pieces

with interactions in physics, mathematics and computer science

         see  the website of the course  here       (videos and slides are coming)

FPSAC 2016Rhombic alternative tableaux, assemblées of permutations and the ASEP,  (with Olya Mandelshtam), Vancouver,  July 2016     pdf

Tableaux alternatifs rhomboïdaux, assemblées de permutations et le PASEP, 2 exposés au LACIM, UQAM, Montréal, 29 Juin 2016.

            slides (in english)   first part  (pdf,  37 Mo)  second part  (pdf,  30 Mo)

From a letter of Leonhard Euler  to modern researches at the crossroad of algebra, geometry, combinatorics and physics,

 24 February 2016, K. Madhava Sarma Memorial Distinguished Lecture, Chennai Mathematical Institute  (CMI), Chennai, India     slides      (pdf,  43 Mo)

The magic  of  Young tableaux

    8 February 2016,  S.S.Pilai Endowment Lecture, Ramanujan Institute, Madras University, Chennai, India           slides     (pdf,   29 Mo ) 

At the crossroad of algebra, combinatorics and physics: the 2-PASEP

        16 January 2016, Indo-french conference, IMSc, Chennai, India

         slides          first part   (pdf,  25 Mo     )       second  part      (pdf,   19Mo  )

The magic  of  Young tableaux

    11  January 2016,  IIT  Madras, Chennai, India

    23 December 2015, Amrita University, Amritapuri, Kerala, India

            slides  (   pdf,  33,5 Mo)

FPSAC 2015, Daejeon, South Korea,   «An extension of Tamari lattices»

(with Louis-François Préville-Ratelle)  6 July 2015

        slides     (pdf,  27,6 Mo)

last update:  2 December  2016

photo:  Nicolas Viennot

NY, November 2014